Advertising and Site Sponsorship GBR is offering separate advertising and sponsorship. Advertising includes a sponsor display ad with a size of up to 330 x 1300 pixels on each channel and article page. Generous white space provides the sponsor with 45% of the page width and delivers high, integrated visibility on every topic-specific page. There is only one sponsor on each page.

The top 415 pixels of a channel page are visible above the fold (Google Chrome, 1024 pixel display) and the top 385 pixels on an article page are visible above the fold. The sponsor can freely choose how to fill the sponsorship space, with a single display unit, or with multiple individual units.


GBR Newsletter

Sponsorship for the GBR newsletter, which is sent out monthly. Ads can be allocated on monthly or  quarterly basis via HTML links and graphics.

Media Kit

We offer a detailed Media Kit with sponsorship pricing information. Simply send us a brief message with your contact information and we will promptly reply and send you the media kit.


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