You’ve got male: Marvel just announced that Thor is becoming a woman, but games don’t need sex changes to be better at diversity

One of the key plot points in Jurassic Park revolves around the concept of parthenogenesis: the curious biological miracle in which certain animals can functionally change their gender to compensate for an environment dominated by one gender. “Life”, as rock and roll maths whizz Ian Malcolm informs us, “finds a way”. Something very similar happened […]

Play with pride: Atari to launch its first game aimed at LGBT community

Having recently sponsored LGBTQ gaming and geek culture conference GaymerX, publisher Atari has announced it’s working on its first game aimed at the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, called Pridefest. The game is pitched a social-sim experience where players are charged with throwing their “very own personalised pride parade” in a city of their […]