GBR Interview: Blackstorm Labs’ EverWing Creators

Gaming Business Review recently visited Blackstorm Labs’ in-house games studio, Blackstorm Games, to sit down with Head of Studio Jimmy Griffith and Art Director Jeff Himmelman to learn more about their hit game EverWing. Available on Facebook’s Instant Games, EverWing was one of just a few launch titles on the platform and debuted in late-November […]

Chinese Publishers Looking to Catch the VR Wave with Heroes of the Seven Seas

Vickie Chen , CEO of Avia Games, represents Chinese gaming companies hoping to break into the western market. Last week,  in a non-descript Silicon Valley garage, we caught up with Ms. Chen to chat about Mirage Interactive, a fast-growing VR game studio out of Beijing. Even with the understanding that the Chinese (and Asia overall) consumer market has vast revenue […]

CEO CORNER: VC Mobile Entertainment’s Jon Von Caneghem

At E3, GBR had the pleasure to catch up with Jon Von Caneghem (frequently known as “JVC”), founder and CEO of VC Mobile Entertainment, to learn all about his new game venture, Creature Quest. Founded in 2015, VC Mobile Entertainment is on a mission to bring the magic touch of their founder (creator of Might and Magic and Heroes of […]