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GBR Profile: Patrick Sweeney and IE Law Group

GBR Profile: Patrick Sweeney and IE Law Group

The Interactive Entertainment Law Group (also known as IE Law Group or simply IELG) may be a relatively new name in the games industry, but Patrick Sweeney is hardly new to games and the entertainment industry. Patrick started his professional career back in the late 1990’s, working for Vivendi Games (prior to their merger with


CEO Corner: Allegorithmic’s Sebastien Deguy

GBR recently had a chance to catch up with Sebastien Deguy, CEO of Allegorithmic to learn more about what his company is working on these days.  GBR: Allegorithmic seems to have really come into its own over the past couple of years. What do you attribute this recent growth to? SG: The past two and a