CEO CORNER: Unity’s John Riccitiello Discusses VR/AR and Vision Summit

The Vision Summit is an inaugural two day conference, taking place in Los Angeles on Feb. 10­-11, 2016 at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood. Unity will host this first­-ever event to bring together the virtual reality community and sharing ideas across genres, roles, and skill levels. Created as a meeting place for content producers, artists, […]

CEO Corner: nDreams CEO, Patrick O’Luanaigh Talks About Building VR Games

nDreams is an eight-year old studio focused on creating and selling innovative virtual reality games and experiences. Prior to focusing on VR, nDreams was the leading global publisher on PlayStation Home, and created several large global Alternate Reality Games (ARGs).   GBR’s Senior Tech Writer Rita Turkowski had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO […]