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Total Game Acquisitions and IPOs for 2014 Reached $24B

Total Game Acquisitions and IPOs for 2014 Reached $24B

Digi-Capital 2014 Highlights: Record $24B game company exits in 2014 ($15B acquisitions, $9B IPOs) – equivalent to 10 Minecrafts (at $2.5B) Games software revenue forecast of $100B moved back to 2018 as market stabilizes to single digit growth Mobile the only strong double digit growth sector, virtual reality a potential breakout Asia the #1 games

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Research Reveals 52% of Game Developers Are Self-Funding Their Games, Up From 37% in 2013

More Than 2,600 Game Developers Conference Attendees Take Part, Shedding Light on Trends in Platform Preference, Relationships with Publishers, Funding Sources and More The Game Developers Conference has polled more than 2,600 North American game developers who attended GDC 2013 to compose the second annual State of the Industry Survey, which provides a snapshot of the