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Anita Sarkeesian Speaks on The Colbert Report

Anita Sarkeesian Speaks on The Colbert Report

Last night Anita Sarkeesian, creator of Feminist Frequency, was a guest speaker on The Colbert Report. She addressed the ongoing GamerGate situation as well as her recent decision to cancel her talk at Utah State University due to the threat of a mass school shooting if she was allowed to speak there. While Stephen Colbert


Kongregate CEO Emily Greer: A Natural A/B Test of Harassment

Continuing the fight against harassment against women in the games industry, Emily Greer, CEO of Kongregate, posted a very decisive blog on the Kongregate developers website last week specifically showing the direct impact and harassment she has received compared to Kongregate co/founder (and Emily’s brother) Jim Greer. Gamergate has brought a lot of attention to