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Transaction to drive creation of 3D game engine for game developers, architects, engineers and designers

Autodesk, Inc. announced it has acquired Stockholm-based Bitsquid AB, the creator of the Bitsquid game engine. The acquisition brings to Autodesk expertise in 3D game development and proven technology that will enable Autodesk to supercharge its portfolio of tools for game makers through the development of a new 3D game engine. Multiple game developers have used the modern and flexible Bitsquid engine to create 3D games for next-generation consoles and PCs, and Autodesk will continue to work with many of these companies to develop the new 3D game engine. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Autodesk - bitsquid

“Bitsquid has been a key success factor for Fatshark, as we’ve been able to produce high quality games with short development times,” said Martin Wahlund, CEO, Fatshark. “We are excited to see how Bitsquid evolves now that it is part of Autodesk.”

In addition to acquiring the Bitsquid game engine, the acquisition of the Bitsquid team and technology will enable Autodesk to create new tools that push the limits of real-time 3D visualization for architects and designers, many of whom face challenges placing design data into real world contexts. The new technology will also be incorporated into solutions for customers outside of the games industry, including architecture, manufacturing, construction, and film. Autodesk plans to create new types of design exploration tools that allow visualization and contextualization of designs using the same fluid control and immediate feedback that exist today in modern console and PC games.

“Autodesk’s acquisition of Bitsquid will revolutionize real-time exploration of complex data. Imagine being able to walk through and explore any type of design, from buildings to cars, with the same freedom you experience in the open world of a next-generation console game. Game engine technologies will be an increasingly critical part of the workflow, not only for creating games, but also for designing buildings or solving complex urban infrastructure challenges,” said Chris Bradshaw, senior vice president, Autodesk Media & Entertainment. “The Bitsquid acquisition brings to Autodesk both the expertise and the technology that will enable us to deliver a groundbreaking new approach to 3D design animation tools, and we welcome the team and community to Autodesk.”

More information on the acquisition can be found on Autodesk’s website.

GBR Outlook: Autodesk has built up their tools through acquisition and it shows. For all the technology in Autodesk’s arsenal, the one thing that has plagued the company’s Media and Entertainment group is that there has always been a slightly disjointed feeling to their tools and they have not had a game engine to unify everything.  This is yet another acquisition for them, but hopefully with the addition of the Bitsquid game engine it will help in providing the “glue” for their much needed software. The larger market driven concern is, can Autodesk with Bitsquid, offer developers something unique that they can’t already get with the Unity or Unreal engines? These are two formidable companies focusing much effort and evangelism on developer support. -WM

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