GBR Market Watch – January 26, 2017

It’s been a busy time here at Gaming Business Review and M2 Advisory Group. In December we announced our merger with Greenlight Insights, a market research and strategy firm focused on virtual reality and augmented reality. We are bringing exciting new analysis, industry commentary, research and reports to Gaming Business Review.

The merger solidifies our continued commitment to the intersection of graphics, immersive technologies, and platform expansion. Together with Greenlight Insights we cover virtual reality and augmented reality and vertical markets for games, storytelling, enterprise, training, education and digital health. We also have some amazing VR events in the works, so stay tuned!

My new role is President and Principal Analyst at Greenlight Insights, and Editor-in-Chief of Gaming Business Review. I will be overseeing Greenlight’s client relations and analyst program, and building GBR into the premier industry journal for analysis and resources. Greenlight has a full line up of reports for 2017 including the Virtual Reality Industry Report, Virtual Reality Consumer Adoption Report, Augmented Reality Report including a line of game-focused reports. For any company wanting an analyst briefing please feel free to connect here.

Our newsletter, GBR Market Watch provides industry analysis, interviews and best practices through our columns:

  • VR/AR Review
  • Game Thinking
  • Funding Review
  • CEO Corner

Over the coming months we will continue to build out new columns and features, tracking funding and studio activity, and are always open to suggestions and contributions. Additionally, we have several exciting events in the works and will keep you updated on details when they are available.

We started off 2017 at CES with updates from Intel, HTC, Qualcomm, ODG, Razer all embracing immersive product strategies with virtual reality, augmented reality and several alternative approaches. We were impressed with technology at CES from HypeVR, a volumetric video capture for virtual reality. You can read our CES report coverage.

In major news Nintendo of course announced their new mobile console, Switch. Launching on March 3 for $299.99 Switch promises to finally be the mobile platform Nintendo and fans have been waiting for. While it has great features such as local multiplayer capabilities, we wonder how relevant it will be with new consumers who have now grown up with mobile phones.  Investors seem to have the same reservations as Nintendo stock has dropped 5.75% since the announcement or $1.78 billion in market value. With mobile gaming now making up the largest part of the games market, hovering around $40 billion we can see why Nintendo has finally given this part of the market a much anticipated solution, however we wonder if it might be a little late in coming. 

With conference season quickly upon us, we look forward to connecting with you in the coming months ahead.

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Wanda Meloni

About Wanda Meloni

Wanda Meloni is a leading market analyst in the areas of digital and interactive media, VR/AR, development tools & graphics tech. As CEO and principal analyst of M2 Insights, Wanda has been quoted in Fortune, Fast Company, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times. She also speaks at numerous industry conferences and events. She can be reached directly at