GBR Market Watch – October 5, 2015

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This is truly the time of renaissance for the games industry like nothing I’ve seen before. Back in 2009 I said we were heading for a Gaming Renaissance with the explosion of mobile devices, accessible development tools and shorter development cycles. Little did I know we were just on the very early crest of that wave. Not having a crystal ball, its easy to say we’ve shattered all those initial perceptions to where we find ourselves today.

Now, some six years later, the discussions revolve around new technologies, building better discoverability, creating new business models, supporting indies, globalization, and addressing broader diversity of both the industry and content. Renaissance, in its simplest definition is a rebirth of culture and learning, and at its core we are very much still riding the crest of the industry’s true renaissance period.
Back in September at Unity’s Unite conference in Boston, John Riccitiello highlighted some staggering numbers: over 174,000 games were developed on Unity just in the month of August and over a million people were using Unity to develop a game in August. These numbers outline the sheer voracity in which games are being developed and much of that is coming from new virtual reality applications.
It’s undeniable, virtual reality has taken over much of the discussions at events this summer, and as we head into fall things will only increase now that all the hardware will soon start shipping. In this issue of GBR Market Watch we have an exclusive interview with Oculus’ founder, Palmer Luckey as well as a personal account of the event from Tony Parisi.
I’ve been saying for a long time now that diversity (gender, race, religion) is important to market expansion. While there has been a great deal of headway made just in the last 12 months in terms of attention placed on diversity, we need more female developers using the game engines and tools. In 2014 less than 3% of developers using game engine were female. With the explosion of VR and new platforms we need to get the tools and platforms into the hands of more people. Equally important is that we need more women and minorities starting their own companies, building their own game brands, and creating more technology.
That brings me to a wonderful and timely webinar GBR is presenting this Wednesday, October 7th at 12pm PST. Please register and join us – (If you can’t make it on Wednesday we’ll have it available as a recording):
Finally, it’s an exciting time for the Open Gaming Alliance (OGA). A non-profit trade association focused on business and growth of the games industry, the OGA’s role is to collaborate with partners and support business, innovation and technology. There are a number new Special Interest Groups the OGA has started including VR, Cloud Gaming, Tools & Middleware, with several more to come. These are being added to the OGA’s existing SIGs on Security and Research. Additionally, the OGA Indie Collective is focused on bringing together indies, corporate members and


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