Bunchball and Jive Partner on Enterprise Gamification Solution

Bunchball, a gamification provider has partnered with Jive to deliver an enterprise gamification solution for social collaboration.

Bunchball started in gamification back in 2007 and currently has over 150 clients using its cloud-based platform. Jive Software is an enterprise social collaboration software company that went public back in November 2011. The two companies have introduced the Jive Gamification Module.

The Jive Gamification Module is powered by Bunchball. Following are highlights of the solution:

– The Jive Gamification Module will be sold by Jive, and is available to both new and existing Jive customers.

– Back at JiveWorld ’11, Bunchball and Jive partnered to add onboarding game mechanics to the Jive collaboration platform. Since then, the two companies have been working together to enhance the offering and create the Jive Gamification Module. This new offering is the first and only integrated gamification solution for a collaboration suite and it is now available for Jive users and customers.

– With the Jive Gamification Module, businesses can use game mechanics to increase engagement and productivity through incentives tailored for both individuals and specific groups of users. The module is available for both internal social networks and external communities on the Jive platform.

– The Jive Gamification Module incorporates personalization so that each user’s experience is tailored to their needs and personal goals. Key features include:

Powerful gamification engine: Built with Bunchball’s Nitro Gamification Engine, the module tracks more than 100 specific activities that can be used to structure missions and determine user rewards.

– Pervasive integration: Gamification elements are seamlessly integrated with the entire Jive experience in user streams, profiles and groups.

Targeted personalization: Game mechanics can be personalized to motivate and reward people based on precise user segmentation including geography, roles or departments.

Efficient on-boarding: Bunchball’s Nitro gamification engine allows Jive users and customers to get up and running quickly, encouraging them to explore and master the wealth of functionality available on the platform.


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