Social Gaming Network Acquires Mob Science

SGNSocial Gaming Network (SGN), a social and mobile game publisher/developer announced that they have acquired Mob Science, an independent developer. Previously Mob Science had partnered with Zynga to publish its library of games that includes Legends: Rise of a Hero (pictured here).


Located in Los Angeles, with additional offices in San Francisco and Buenos Aires, Argentina, Social Gaming Network has over 300 million users and adds an additional 50 million with its acquisition of Mob Science. Mob Science has its office in Carlsbad, which is located in southern  California.

Legends Rise of a here

SGN’s founder and CEO Chris DeWolfe, is also the former co-founder of MySpace and orchestrated that company’s launch into Asia. It was through that experience that DeWolfe realized there was a need to provide a multi-platform solution to unify its developers, which is Social Gaming Network’s MasterKey platform. This has been a significant differentiator for the company as it can support social and mobile, something that Zynga has struggled with.

Venture funded, Social Gaming Network has amassed $28 million from a network of VCs that includes Austin Ventures, Greylock Partners and Tomorrow Ventures.

Social Gaming Network:

Source: VentureBeat


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