Holographic Hackathons: 4 City Tour

Dona SarkarHello friends!

I’m a longtime advocate for women in STEM and currently I’m on the Microsoft HoloLens team. I have only been in this AR/VR/MR space for a year and I love that it does not *have* to be about games (but it definitely can!)

I’d like to invite you to attend a HoloLens hackathon/learning event that I am helping organize (dates per city below).  You *do not* need to be an expert in AR/VR/MR. This is the perfect event to welcome beginners to this world that blends together art and science.  We are actively seeking designers, artists, sound engineers, dreamers….in addition to developers! Currently 1/3 of people signed up are women, but I want to get to 50% at least. A mix of experiences make the best events. If you have even the slightest bit of curiosity about this mysterious world that every big company (Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc) are getting into, you should come and have snacks and learn stuff with us 🙂

If you *are* a AR/VR expert, go easy on me! This is the *first* hackathon I have helped organize and I am determined for this to be the most inclusive, warm, friendly one you have ever attended.  My team has awesome diversity and we are very determined that the HoloLens creative community is also supportive, welcoming and loving.

Some bits of news:

a) We are going to have a women creators meet-and-greet on that Friday 5 pm so you can meet my team & me (we are *dying* to meet other creative women in the community!)

b) There are going to be lighting talks by our team during the actual hack so people can learn more about Unity3D and basic HoloLens app development.  This is a great way to get immersed in a super low-stress environment.

I promise this will be really fun. If it’s not, you can yell at me. I just learned to build holographic apps this year and it’s completely addicting to create something that’s equally beautiful and functional. Plus, now I can put holograms all over my house to freak out my cat 😛


  • SeattleMay 20-22
  • Boston – June 10-12 (sign up form coming soon)
  • SFO – June 17-19
  • LA – June 24-26 (sign up form coming soon)

Please holla at me with questions!

Dona Sarkan

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Wanda Meloni

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