This Has To Happen Before Virtual Reality Can Succeed

Hi, I’m Helen Situ and for the past 2 years I’ve dedicated my life to virtual reality.Representing NextVR, one of the most well-funded VR companies with $35M+ capital raised, I’ve spoken at numerous conferences, events, and my thoughts have appeared everywhere from Yahoo Tech to USA TODAY.

But I’ve noticed something unsettling. There are very few women in virtual reality. To whoever is reading this, I’m sure that wherever you work, it’s true that the majority of your coworkers are male. In the tech industry, women only represent less than 20% of the workforce. We need to change this.

Inclusion of women in virtual reality is crucial

Women bring a unique perspective. And the inclusion of them has never been more important in a technology where people are creating these incredibly powerful, emotional experiences where you’re shaping worlds.

I want there to be more women working in emerging technology

This is why we have created SH//FT (shift).

Introducing SH//FT, Shaping Holistic Inclusion in Future Technology

We are so excited.

I’d love to introduce you to SH//FT, a non-profit organization focused on Shaping Holistic Inclusion in Future Technology. We partner with industry leaders in emerging technology (such as augmented reality & virtual reality) to sponsor and create opportunities for underrepresented groups.

This is our founding team (follow us on Twitter)


This group of women came together through a shared passion for virtual reality. We began building a community through the Women in VR Facebook group which now has over 1,300 members (request to join here).

This is our incredible board of advisors:

We are focused on advancing opportunities for underrepresented groups through targeted initiatives. We will be making more announcements soon.

Thank you to the team Jenn Duong, Julie Young, Abby Albright, and Sarah Stevenson. We are incredibly honored to be working with our advisorsShannon Gans, Nonny de la Pena, Molly DeWolf Swenson, Christina Heller,Wanda Meloni, Tony Parisi, Will Mason, Sylvio Drouin, Chet Faliszek, andAmy Thole.

To keep up with SH//FT follow us on Twitter now.

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I am the Virtual Reality Evangelist at NextVR. I spend a ton of time flying around the world to personally give business leaders their first virtual reality experience. I champion for the best human experience in virtual reality and NextVR technology. Hired as the 4th employee at NextVR, I work at the intersection of marketing, business development, and product.