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Wed., Feb 4

9:45 AM PST – Opening Remarks, Martin Rae (President, AIAS)

10:00 AM PST – (Wed. Conference Keynote) Evolving Our Mindset on the Care and Cultivation of Talent, Brandon Beck (CEO, Riot Games)

10:45 AM PST – Treyarch’s Zombies: Following the Fun to Win Hearts…and Brains, Mark Lamia (Studio Head, Treyarch)

11:05 AM PST – All Right Stop, Collaborate and Listen!, Nathan Vella (Co-Founder and President, Capy Games)

11:45 AM PST – Looking in a Different Direction, Brenda Romero (Program Director, UC Santa Cruz MS Games and Playable Media)

12:05 PM PST – The Experts Are Always Wrong, Tom Kalinske (Executive Chairman, Global Education Learning)

12:25 PM PST – Creative maturity through life experiences – How to build engaging open worlds, Tommy Francois (New IP Editorial Director, Ubisoft)

2:30 PM PST – Community and Development without Borders: Star Citizen, Chris Roberts (Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, Cloud Imperium Games)

2:50 PM PST – What Past Pioneers Can Teach Us About Our New Frontiers, Kristian Segerstrale (COO and Executive Director, Super Evil Megacorp)

3:10 PM PST – Player Stories vs. Designer Stories – Empowering Players Around The World, Michael de Plater (Creative Director, Monolith Productions)

3:50 PM PST – The Shape of New Realities, Jeri Ellsworth (CastAR) & Robin Hunicke (Funomena)

4:30 PM PST – The View from Washington, DC, Mark DeLoura

Thurs., Feb. 5th

10:00 AM PST – (Thursday Opening Keynote) A Conversation with Shu Yoshida, Shuhei Yoshida (Sony Worldwide Studios) & Lorne Lanning (Oddworld Inhabitants)

10:45 AM PST – Games Thousands of Years in the Making, Gloria O’Neill (Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc.) & Alan Gershenfeld (E-Line Media)

11:35 AM PST – Sustainability in the eSports Landscape, Chris Sigaty (Blizzard Entertainment) & Mohammed Fadl (Wargaming) & Kevin Lin ( & Joshua Gray (ESL)

12:20 PM PST – The Last of the Independents, Ru Weerasuriya (Chief Executive and Creative Officer, Ready at Dawn Studios)

2:30 PM PST – Secret Origins of the Tetris Phenomenon, Alexey Pajitnov (Tetris Creator) & Henk Rogers (The Tetris Company)

3:00 PM – Towards An Age of Play, Tracy Fullerton (USC Games)

3:20 PM PST – Disney Infinity: A Platform Without Borders, Bob Lowe (Avalanche Software)

3:40 PM PST – Baby Steps: Returning to our roots is the future of Video Games, Sean Murray (Co-Founder and Managing Director, Hello Games)

7PM PST – D.I.C.E. Awards

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