GBR Spotlight – Game Thinking World Tour

For the past 2 weeks I’ve traveled the world, connecting with brilliant entrepreneurs in Bengaluru, Helsinki, Paris, and London. Coming from Silicon Valley, it’s been a mind-opening trip – absorbing cultural differences & spotting  common themes. Innovation is everywhere – but how it’s practiced varies widely. Here’s what I learned from this amazing trip. ‘Celebrating Failure’ is not […]

GBR WEBINAR: Learn 5 Proven Design Hacks That Work To Build Great Products

Join us as we learn more about key design hacks and the powerful step-by-step GettngToAlpha program perfected by Amy Jo Kim, CEO of Shufflebrain. In this short, one hour information-packed webinar, you’ll learn the key design hacks and step-by-step system that startups, game companies and media giants use  to turn innovative ideas into compelling experiences. Have you ever […]

Bots, MODs & Multiplayer Co-op: why Slack is game-like — NOT gamified

Slack is hot — and everyone is trying to figure out why. Lots of companies make online collaboration tools — many with similar features. Why did Slack take off — and become the go-to collaboration tool, communication platform and startup darling? There’s no simple answer — or silver bullet for reproducing Slack’s results. Many factors converged to support Slack’s success — including a visionary & experienced […]