GBR Interview: Flow State Media’s Kahn Jekarl On Marketing For Mobile

Flow State Media is a social and mobile game company focusing on real time synchronous puzzle games. GBR caught up with CEO, Kahn Jekarl to learn more about the company. Founded in July 2012 in Burlingame, California, Flow State Media was started by Jekarl along with two other founders, Redentor Quiambao, who is the CTO, […]

Virtual reality is more than just video games for Palmer Luckey (Q&A)

The founder of Oculus and mind behind the modern VR movement is enthusiastic about his industry’s burgeoning prospects, but sees challenges too. Palmer Luckey is on top of the world. He just wrapped up the first conference devoted to the virtual reality headset he helped invent and the company he helped found: Oculus VR. Developers […]