Which Headset Wins VR

When phrased as a question, this is what my team of Venture Capitalists asked in early 2014. At the time, we guessed “Oculus Rift because who else is there?” Sony, Survios, Magic Leap, and HTC, that’s who, just inside the next year. That gave our team enough pause to take a wait-and-see approach as we sat back and monitored the […]

Windows Holographic and Microsoft HoloLens Announced

At Microsoft’s Windows 10 press conference this week the company announced it has been working on something behind the scenes, Microsoft HoloLens. HoloLens are their holographic augmented reality glasses. While Microsoft is known for showing research projects at events that are not fully available for some time, the HoloLens were being made available for hands-on demos […]