Augmented Reality’s A-ha Moment Created By Trixi Studios and Apple’s ARKit

Built with Apple’s recently released ARKit developer tool, Trixi Studios has created a truly “A-Ha Moment” for AR with the clever use of “Take on Me” by the 80’s band, A-Ha.

Compare it to the original 80’s A-Ha video:

The Chicago based, Trixi Studios, is a group of video game developers, now looking to build new interactive experiences. Back in November 2016 the company shipped another AR project, PHANTOGEIST, a first person shooter with portals that was done in Project Tango.


TRIXI’s Founder Chip Senini said they were able to create a tribute to the “Take on Me” video with the assistance of Unity and it’s Asset Store and Apple’s ARKit.


Wanda Meloni

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