Autodesk No Longer Selling Gaming Middleware

Autodesk announced through its website that as of July 12, it will no longer be selling its middleware products that includes:

  • Scaleform

  • Navigation

  • Human IK

  • Beast





Autodesk has confirmed that it will maintain source code for finalversions all of these tools for their customers. Stingray, the company’s game engine that it acquired back in 2014 from Bitsquid will not be affected by this change.

M2 Analyst Note

This is a positive move, as the cost to maintain and sell and middleware is not a viable business for a company the size of Autodesk. It makes much more sense for the middleware functionality to be integrated directly into Stingray to provide deeper functionality of its engine. One-off middleware itself is becoming less relevant as the game engine companies are all focused on building their customer base through deeper features.

Wanda Meloni

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